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Thomas Signe focuses on the marketing, implementation and deployment of global technology solutions in the field of electronic signatures, document management and big data, as well as biometric security technologies across a wide range of sectors and industries.
The company was born from the merger of Thomas Greg & Sons and Signe, two leading companies in the field of security document printing and new technologies. Thomas Signe markets their solutions in Latin America and beyond, offering local presence and business management, thus tailoring their solutions to each of their clients.

The company is an expert in document security and is certified as a Qualified Electronic Certification Entity within their field of action. The company’s main solution is eTítulo ( with or without registration in Blockchain), a true electronic copy of the original University Degree that has the same legal validity as the printed version. The entity has:

  • 20 Universities in Spain that offer eTitulo, and a few others in Colombia and Peru in the process
  • etitulo.com web portal for students. The company also focus their services on:
    • Custom technology development
    • Applications in Blockchain technology
    • Support for developing and implementing iTech solutions
    • Consulting and analysis for process improvement
    • Electronic Certification Services
    • Services related to the use of certificates: time stamping (TSA), OCSP validation, eSignature platform, certified document publishing and custody of eDocuments
    • Consulting and training services