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Greater flexibility and control in management and signing documents

  • No installation required on any device
  • Identity Robust authentication
  • Possibility of delegating to third parties
  • Permission Controls
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Some reasons for choosing Viafirma Fortress


From your computer, phone or tablet
Use your digital certificates easily from any device or operating system, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Viafirma Fortress Desktop

Download the app for Windows and manage your digital certificates easily and quickly

Authentication Factors

Viafirma Fortress Identity robust authentication. Certifies the user’s identity through multiple layers of authentication in Viafirma Fortress





PIN Number


Delegation of the certificates

Assign the use of the digital certificate directly to another user with the possibility of restricting:

  • Access to specific websites
  • Specific time slots
  •  Specific Applications


100% eIDAS Cloud Signature. Adapted to the world’s most demanding legal framework (eIDAS-UE) in terms of security and advanced digital signature.


  • Regardless of the technology you are currently using
  • Compatible with your company's eBusiness solutions
  • Easy integration


Cloud signature or centralized signature is a highly secure authentication solution that improves signature usability.

As the name implies, it is characterized by the way the digital certificate is stored on a secure server (HSM), and the user accesses it whenever he needs to sign a document digitally, after robust authentication of his identity.

Robust identification requires at least two identification procedures that can be:

  • Something “the user knows” (password)
  • Something “the user has” (keycard, token sms, token otp)
  • Sinething “the user is or does” (signature, locution, footprint, iris and other biometric factors).

This ensures that the certificate is never in the hands of the owner, but to use it whenever is needed. Authenticating without installing any certificate or software on the device from which the process is carried out.

The fact that our certificate isn’t installed on any device it only increases its security.

If the certificate is on a device where passwords are usually stored it is relatively easy for someone else with access to the device and sign for us. However, in order to use the cloud signature at least two authentication factors are required.

Through pre-registration, the physical identity is linked to the digital identity (enrolment), which allows to issue a personal certificate on a secure cloud server (HSM) that will be invoked when it is necessary to use it.

To be considered robust authentication at least two authentication factors are required:

Something the user ”knows” (password).

Something the user may ”possess” (key card, SMS Token, OTP Token).

Something the user ”makes or is” (signature, voice-over, fingerprint, iris or any other biometric factors).

Illustration Viafirma Fortress API


Easy integration

Any application can include authentication and electronic signature features when using the services that the system offers, thus excluding applications from any technical problems and complexities it may occur when using digital certificates. 

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