Electronic Signature in the cloud: success case

Success case from a Dominican Republic customer that uses the cloud services from Viafirma-Platform. Thanks to Viafirma-Manager, now is possible get interesting stats as follows.


MS Internet Explorer and their several versions are the most used browser in this case.

Imagen de las Métricas por Navegador Utilizado

img.01  – authentication and signature stats by browser


Imagen de las Métricas por idioma del Usuario Final (navegador)

img.02  – authentication and signature stats by locale

Operating System

Imagen de las Métricas por Sistema Operativo Utilizado

img.03  – authentication and signature stats by operating system

At this moment, we have more than 25 applications integrated with Viafirma-Platform in the cloud. We will publish their stats soon. More information about Viafirma-Manager and Viafirma-Platform cloud services at http://www.viafirma.com/viafirma-suite.

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