Searching for partners

We are looking for partners interested in expanding their products and services catalog thanks to Viafirma’s electronic signature product list, no matter if they are located in Spain or in a different country (currently, we have partners in Spain, Chile, Dominican Republic and Panama). We bet on the collaboration with IT companies, consultancy firms, integrators, enterpreneurs, distributors and freelances, since they know the needs of their clients way better than we do.

Partnering with Viafirma is easy as cake; these are the main features:

  • Win-Win situation. We believe in a relationship which grants benefits to both sides. We only win, if our partner wins.
  • Zero Risk. Although we do have paid services for our partners, they are completely optional. We won’t force any company to spend money so that they can establish a collaboration relationship with us.
  • Widen your product and services catalog. Our partners benefit of our own list of digital signature products and services, which allow them to broaden what they can offer to their clients. Some of our products are remarkably unique at a global level, as the signing process with digital certificates on a mobile device, supporting iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, with Symbian v3 and Windows Phone 7 versions being developed right now
  • Available free resources. To help in commercial and development processes, we offer our partners free resources such as ready to use test environments, sample apps, technical assistance, etc.
  • We don’t compete our partners. We are available to collaborate with our partners in their projects or services if this is required, but we consider our partners as allies and we avoid any possible competition.
  • Different deployment options. Our products can be deployed on customer’s facilities (in-house licenses), but also as Saas (Software as a Services) in a cloud following scenary.
  • Multilingual products, following i18n standards.
  • Our partners access to our products at lower prices than official.
  • Clear pricing policy. Our products always have the same prices, regardless of whether a customer contacts a partner or supplier of VIAFIRMA or us directly. That is how we avoid any pricing confusion and helps to improve customers’ overall feeling.
  • Flexibility. We are available to collaborate with our partners developing new products, adapting our platforms to specific customer’s requirements, etc.

In short, our partners improve their list of services and innovative products without any financial risk or investment, establishing a strategic synergy where we grow with our partners.


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