Electronic signature with Blackberry

Viafirma has already developed the electronic signature of documents in Blackberry mobile devices with versions 4.5 or higher (almost any in the market). The user can incorporate his certificates in the mobile device’s store, and use it to authenticate and sign in any website that uses Viafirma version 3.0 or higher.

Although we will soon publish a video about a distributed signature transaction involving all mobile devices for which we support on-device e-signatures (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, etc.), this video is an example, recorded a few days ago while testing:

With the support of BlackBerry, Viafirma becomes without a doubt a reference in authentication and electronic signature in mobile devices. Our clients ensure the highest compatibility matrix in the market, a true technological neutrality and legal validity, since the electronic signature is made inside the mobile device itself.

Some signature features on mobile devices:

  • Supports all Viafirma signature formats: XAdES (all profiles, including long-lived and archived signature, such as XAdES-X-L and XAdES-A), PDF-Signature, CMS, CAdES, PAdES…
  • Supports batch signature, multi-signature, batch multi-signature.
  • Multi-language customer support.


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