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Electronic signature: surpassing 8 million transactions

At the end of the second last quarter of the year, the Tripartita Foundation has taken stock of the use of Viafirma in its system for processing grants for training plans.

The result has been compared with the last report that showed the use of our platform in its first 8 months of implementation.

The numbers speak for themselves, showing improvements in performance and an even increase in all the certificates used, with the exception of eID, which was one of the CAs that grew the least proportionally, but if we take into account that most of the users who use this system are companies, this low participation of eID is justified. In total, they have exceeded 8 million transactions.

Eight Million Transactions

table with the number of transactions registered with Viafirma at Tripartita

From 30-Apr-09 to 30-Sep-2010 (17 months)

Effectiveness Ratios

table showing the effectiveness ratio of viafirma transactions


From 30-Apr-09 to 30-Sep-2010 (17 months)

The errors recorded in each type of transaction include even voluntary session terminations by a user, for example; after starting the authentication process in the system, he cancels the operation because he did not have the certificate or the eID at that moment (or on the computer from which he has accessed). This “not completed” operation is recorded by the system as a transaction not completed correctly.

With all this, we continue to improve day by day to keep moving in these values so close to one hundred percent, constantly betting on our compatibility matrix, the main responsible for these numbers.

Certificates used by CA

graph of the number of certificates used by each CA

From 30-Apr-09 to 30-Sep-2010 (17 months)

Upgrade v3

On the other hand, the Tripartita Foundation has approved the update to the new version 3 of Viafirma, to benefit, among other new features, from the new compatibility matrix for mobile devices, allowing companies that currently access their Application of Formative Actions of the Companies from mobile devices iPhone, Android, iPad and soon BlackBerry.

They will also be able to incorporate policies for Long Signatures management, with the XAdES-XL and XAdES-A signature formats that Viafirma includes in this version.


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