Integrate eSignatures into SAP

If you wish to automate you agreement process we can help you integrate eSignatures into SAP or any other ERP software to close deals faster.

Here’s how to sign or send documents for signature directly from your software.

Integrate eSignatures into SAP to boost sales

ERP reporting tools use complex filters and analysis to detect data inconsistencies. In addition, it ensures that the extracted data is delivered in real time. Accurate business reports will help stakeholders make better decisions for their business.

Integrate eSignatures into SAP to sign documents online from your own ERP, which will allow you to close deals faster, more safely and securely from any mobile device with the App.

Contracts, bills of lading, supplier agreements, purchase orders or invoices are common documents that are handled on a daily basis and which can be automated thanks to our integration with SAP.

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What is SAP?

This ERP allows companies to correctly manage their human, financial, accounting and logistics resources. Top companies worldwide use this software to manage all phases of their business model more successfully. 

Below you will find the most important SAP modules:

  • Financial Accounting (FI). Manages financial operations of a company
  • Sales and Distribution (SD). For organizations that want to keep track of their inventory
  • Controlling (CO). Supports all planning, reporting and monitoring activities of the company’s operations.
  • Production Planning (PP). Designed to keep an eye on companies’ production planning and management.
  • Human Capital Management. Handles HR operations, such as promotions, compensation, payroll management, recruitment, etc.
  • Materials Management. Everything related to materials required, processed and produced is supervised here. Different types of procurement processes are managed

Viafirma eSignature: Automate your agreement process directly from your ERP

Viafirma supports eSignature integration into any SAP or ERP thanks to our flexible API so you can easily send, sign and approve documents anytime, accelerating digital transformation for long term growth.

This integration allows you to carry out operations anywhere, improve the user experience and will boost productivity of your modules, including integrated document signing into your solution.

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