eSignature for Salesforce

If you wish to include digital tools into your software, Viafirma eSignature for Salesforce helps you get your sales contracts signed faster so you can close more deals.

Here’s how to speed up your agreement process so all your online contracts are signed on the same day with full legal guarantees.

How does our eSignature for Salesforce integration work?

Thanks to our flexible API, Viafirma helps you speed up the last phase of your sales cycle with your potential customers, allowing your sales team to close deals anywhere from practically any device.

Many companies struggle when dealing with their customers. It is hard to keep track of the actions they have implemented or the current progress with a potential customer.

A CRM opens up a new range of opportunities. They are vital for sales reps to know the stage each customer and they help provide a top-quality service through the entire follow-up process. Platforms like Salesforce can automate manual tasks to make the day’s work easier and more efficient.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the #1 CRM cloud platform that enables businesses to sell, service and market like never before, helping companies achieve breakthrough sales growth and customer service.

Salesforce offers a huge catalogue of features. Here are just a few:

  • Salesforce Platform is the standard and generic feature to adapt the system to specific needs. It is characterized by its generic feature, which means that it suitable for any sector.
  • Clouds are groupings of features aimed at specific business areas and processes. These include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Marketing Cloud
  • AppExchange is the Salesforce marketplace, where developers and partners offer add-ons, applications and solutions. All of them easily accessible.

Boost your conversion rate thanks to our integration

Thanks to our API, Viafirma offers you the possibility to integrate the electronic signature into your Salesforce account at no additional cost. as a result, we have gained the trust of many important clients, such as such as the Francisco de Vitoria University, the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) or Inversiones & Reservas.

This way, we help you finish the last phase of your sales and customer loyalty process. Thanks to Viafirma’s advanced electronic signature, you will be able to digitize your contracts, sign them and send them for signature to third parties directly from your CRM in a simple, efficient way and with full legal guarantees without requiring an electronic certificate from any of the parties involved.

Finally, this will avoid any unnecessary travel and will offer a modern and unique user experience to your customers.


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