Integration with PRL, 6conecta’s software

Did you know that Viafirma supports integration with PRL? The use of an occupational risk prevention software like 6conecta’s, together with Viafirma’s electronic signature solutions, will help you to control in a comprehensive way the prevention plan and to manage risks and incidents in real time in an agile, integrated and paperless way.

What is 6conecta?

6conecta offers simple, cost-effective and efficient solutions that allow occupational risk prevention departments to work in collaborative environments to improve their productivity in the area of Health and Safety, helping to make preventive management more profitable.

Its PRL software allows you to improve participation and preventive culture in companies without the need to chase anyone. In addition, 6conecta offers an efficient Business Activity Coordination (CAE) platform to keep everything under control, grow and make prevention at the pace you want.

Secure electronic signature to speed up document delivery

Viafirma allies with 6conecta to offer the advanced electronic signature service to prevention technicians and employees in their software. In this way, the documents they need can be signed electronically to keep up to date the preventive activity in a digital, safe and efficient way.

6conecta supports different signature mechanisms:

  • Intranet: Employees must only have access to 6conecta’s intranet, complying with simple electronic signature requirements.
  • Tablet for biometric signature: It is necessary to install a device to collect the signature. The document is viewed and consulted from the platform. Topaz devices are recommended, but solutions from other brands can be integrated.
  • Mail: It is only necessary to have the signer’s email so that he/she can access the document from his/her device (PC, Smartphone or Tablet). A verification code will be sent by OTP, which allows the signature from anywhere
  • Smartphone: From the 6conecta APP, a manager collects the signature of the document. An agile and simple system suitable for mobility

The best integration with PRL to incorporate the electronic signature to your processes

Once you understand the importance and benefits of implementing advanced electronic signatures to uniquely identify participants, you should evaluate which solution is best suited to your LRP

From Viafirma we assure you that you can integrate the electronic signature in your own software through our powerful API at no additional cost. Our clients endorse it, since it offers you multiple possibilities and it is easily adaptable and integrable in any software, application or web.


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