What is biometric security?

Wondering what biometric security is? First of all, we must be clear about the concept of biometrics, which is none other than the automatic recognition of individuals based on their non-transferable and unique biological or behavioral characteristics.

In this context, we will analyze its importance and how you can use it thanks to Viafirma to protect your signature operations.

What is biometric signature?

Biometric security is the use of biometrics to protect and provide robustness to devices, installations or any type of confidential information, establishing a higher degree of protection with respect to traditional methods such as passwords, one-time keys or accreditation cards.

Little by little this technology is establishing itself as the most secure way to avoid fraud and speed up processes, generating trust among citizens.

3 types of biometric security

Although there are other applications, biometrics has often been used in the field of security and authentication. Three types can be distinguished:

  • Biological biometry. It uses traits at the genetic and molecular level such as DNA or blood, which can be assessed by sampling body fluids.
  • Morphological biometry. This refers to the structure of the human body. Features such as the eye, fingerprint or face shape can be mapped for use with security scanners.
  • Behavioral biometrics. It focuses on patterns unique to each person. The way you walk, talk or even type on a keyboard can be a clue to your identity if these patterns are tracked.

Advantages of using biometric security in your company

Biometric security and its use in modern technology and digital applications offer numerous advantages:

High security and warranty

There is a high probability that traditional authentication methods such as passwords, PINs or personal identification information can be stolen by fraudsters.

Biometric solutions ensure a higher level of protection, using a user’s identity as the primary means of authentication to access sensitive information, verifying tangible aspects such as something the user has or something they are.

Convenient and fast user experience

Although it is true that developing a biometric solution is very complex, from the user’s point of view, its use is very simple and intuitive. The fingerprint reader or facial recognition allows authentication in seconds, a faster and more secure option than typing a long password with multiple special characters. In addition, forgetting a password is a common occurrence. With biometrics, there is no need to memorize a password.


Biometric authentication requires the physical presence of the user at the time of authorization. Physical biometrics cannot be transferred or shared.


Biometric data, such as facial patterns, fingerprints or iris scans, among others, are almost impossible to duplicate with today’s technology. There is a one in 64 billion chance that your fingerprint exactly matches someone else’s.

Secure electronic signature solutions supporting biometrics

Viafirma offers specific signature platforms to sign internal documents or to send contracts to be signed by your customers or suppliers without requiring an electronic certificate by the parties, guaranteeing at all times the biometric security of your business operations.

Biometric signature of documents, validation based on video on-boarding or fingerprint capture through specific readers are some of the mechanisms available to unequivocally identify the signer, offering a level of security equal or superior to traditional handwritten signatures.


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