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Biometric signature

Learn more about our biometric signature. Get to know all the advantages it can offer your company!

Integrate eSignatures into SAP

If you wish to automate you agreement process we can help you integrate eSignatures into SAP or any other ERP software to close deals faster. Here’s how to sign or send documents for signature directly from your software. Integrate eSignatures into SAP to boost sales ERP reporting tools use complex filters and analysis to detect…

eSignature for Salesforce

If you wish to include digital tools into your software, Viafirma eSignature for Salesforce helps you get your sales contracts signed faster so you can close more deals.

Digital signature vs digital certificate

Learn the main differences between digital signature vs digital certificate to better understand when to use each one efficiently


Have you ever heard about timestamps? Here’s why you should consider it when working with electronic documents.


Have you ever heard of XAdES? There are multiple signature formats due to historical reasons, how eSignatures have been introduced into existing document formats along with features added over time.

Digitized signatures

Do you know the purpose of digitized signatures? Technology advances have encouraged companies to digitize their documents. Indeed, digitized signatures offer users the possibility to easily add a signature to a digital document, although, on the other hand, the level of security they offer is very low.

Qualified electronic signatures

What are qualified electronic signatures? Many people share this question, and though at first they believe that it is the most suitable because it provides full legal guarantees, we will see below that it is also the most complex to use. What is a qualified electronic signature? Is an electronic signature that is based on…

PDF 417

PDF 417 is a barcode that is used to encode large amounts of information. The word ”barcode” is a widely used term and known to the vast majority of people. They contain a certain amount of information and are used to recognize an item both physically and online. However, there are two groups of barcodes:…

How the digital signature can help to improve efficiency when telecommuting

Do you usually telework and wish you could be even more productive while meeting your obligations at home? There are many ways to achieve this, and one is through the digital signature, which is key to optimizing the multiple operations faced by anyone who works remotely.

How to incorporate appropriate informed consent to the GDPR in a PHP portal

There are many customers who call us to incorporate in their solutions or websites electronic signature technology appropriate to the GDPR. Although we have several products that fit into different scenarios, today we are going to focus on one of them – Viafirma Documents and in a very specific use – electronic signature of informed…

The 3 types of services that exist within cloud computing in companies

Cloud computing has taken a leading role in the current scenery of new technologies and in the business world. That is why it is worth taking an approach to the current situation and distinguishing the different services that you can offer to companies.