RTVE awards Viafirma the eSignature solution for documents

Last March, the Spanish Radio and TV Corporation (RTVE) awarded the digital signature folder (portafirmas) solution to UTE Viafirma-Viavansi for a total amount of over €560.000. It’s a 3-year project, plus another three-year optional renewal of 3 years. RTVE also ranked the Viafirma-Viavansi offer with best mark: 39’5 points over 40.

This project, conceived as a turnkey solution, involves deploying our portafirmas (digital signature folder) software Viafirma Inbox in a private cloud for RTVE, including centralized signature characteristics.

In this case, the user’s certificate is stored in a hardware security module (HSM) that requires the owner to go through a combination of strong identification processes to be activated, both in desktop web apps and in mobility. The system is integrated with the company’s security systems.

This project shows again how well established is Viafirma Group as a company which specializes in boosting the digitization process of businesses providing solutions to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.