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We briefly describe our main products and the integration methods available for each one of them.

Documents – Mobility

Electrornic signature solution that allows to collect electronic evidence in documents, both in face-to-face and remote scenarios, acting as a gateway between the customer's backoffice, such as a CRM, and the end user.

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Inbox – Digital Signature Folder (portafirmas)

Digital signature folder that allows to manage documents to be signed, setting a workflow of signatures and approvals, allowing to view, electronically sign, store and validate documents.
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Platform – Signature Platform

Platform that allows to incorporate signature and authentication technologies with electronic certificates in your own applications.
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Fortress – Cloud Signature

Solution that allows both the generation and keeping custody of centralized certificates which are securely stored in a Hardware Security Module (HSM). Integration enables to use the certificates for authentication and eSigning.

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Questions about the digital signature


What do I need to try out the integration?

To try out the integration, you need access to sandbox and developer credentials. 

Can I integrate Viafirma's esignature system into our phone App?

Yes. There are many options for this kind of integration.

Once my documents are signed, where are they stored?

There are many options: we can recover them via API and store them in an external software, setup the automatic transfer to external repositories or you can choose the solution Viafirma offers to keep custody of documents.

Can I customize the signature page?

Viafirma solutions allow to modify the signature page and mobile applications to fit the client’s corporate image.



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