Agreements, invoices, consents signed by your customers in the simplest and most legal way.

Paperless - Sign without paper

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How does it work?

1. Prepare your documents

Upload your documents in PDF, docx, odt format and add fields to start the signing process

2. Submit the request

Add recipients and submit the request. A notification will pop up after submitting the request

3. Simple management

Keep track of the signing process. Handle your documents in the cloud.

Digital signature using a smartphone with Viafirma

Quickly fill your fields

Smart forms

  • Improve your user experience
  • Get your forms filled quicker than ever
  • Prevents errors when filling blanks through field and condition validation

Avoid litigation through contract clauses

Compulsory reading clauses

Legal Guarantee

Peace of mind for you and your customers.
Complying with GDPR regulations

¿Why is this important?

Most people do not read the whole contract or do not understand the clauses. This feature forces the client to read and to better understand the most important terms.

VIAFIRMA DOCUMENTS is the most comprehensive solution on the market

Switch from paper to electronic signatures

Remote Signature

Mail or SMS the documents to be signed. The signatory will be able to sign them anywhere

Face-to-face Signature

Sign documents face-to-face via tablet or smartphone

Certificate-based signatures

Sign or send signature requests to your clients so they can sign them with their digital certificate

Design your brand

Customize your app, email and logo using your own brand

Template edition

Create templates to accelerate the sending of recurring signatures: Monthly contracts, payrolls...

Identification and Authentication OTP/SMS

Sign your documents via SMS One-Time-Password

Custom Forms

Collect the signatory details from a form and add them to the document

Audit Trail

Keep track of the signing process

Advanced signature workflows

It involves all participants in the signing process of a document and sets the order of each signatory


Integrate the most comprehensive eSigning solution on the market into your best apps

100% Cloud

Integrate the digital signature into your Android and iOS apps


Integrate the digital signature into your Android or iOS apps.

Legal Regulation and auditing

Get your documents signed and validated in compliance with EIDAS - Regulation (EU) N 910/2014


Our solutions offer full validity, complying with the most demanding regulations in the world: EIDAS Regulation - (EU) N 910/2014 (EU).


Any Document signed using Viafirma Documents will contain an audit trail including all records, events, and evidence from the signing process.

EAD Trust, European Agency of Digital Trust, S.L CERTIFIES that the biometric signature management platform Viafirma Documents supports and complies with their requirements so that the signatures can be considered as ''Advanced Handwritten Digitized Signatures''

the digital signature suitable for any need

Easy Integration


Easy integration through our API


Sign up for a free sandbox account

Sign Documents

Integrate CRM, ERP and Salesforce with your tool



Viafirma Documents is a digital signature software that allows you to electronically sign documents practically on any device (in PDF, DOCX, ODT format) from almost anywhere in the world.

Technically, digital signature means the cryptographic signature procedure that meets the following characteristics:

  • Authentication: That is, whoever signed can be recognized.
  • Non-repudiation: the signatory cannot deny that he has digitally signed the document.
  • Integrity: it is verified that the document has not been altered after being signed.

You may cancel your subscription at any point.

If you unsubscribe you will not lose your content, you simply cannot sign anymore.

You can use different types of legally binding eSignatures around the globe. Choose the one that suits you best:

  • Biometric Signature
  • OTP SMS/ OTP mail
  • Digital certificate signature

If you wish to sign with your cloud centralized certificate, please check our solution Viafirma Fortres

Yes. It allows to create a PDF from pre-designed templates that can be done in two ways: via Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat with AcroForm input fields

Yes, Viafirma Documents allows integration with third-party software. It has API REST to simplify the integration of third party applications as well as to manage users, devices, messages, notifications, etc.

Your documents can be stored in the back end or in your document management system.

Viafirma Documents allows you to customize the final stages of the lifecycle of a document by implementing different mechanisms for transferring and/or copying the generated and signed documents.

Mechanisms that are currently supported: NFS, FTP, CMiS (Content Management Interoperability Services) and, in general, any repository that exposes its REST services.

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