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ALPHA SOCIEDAD DE VALORES now with both Viafirma Inbox and Fortress

Alpha Sociedad de Valores is a Puesto de Bolsa in the Dominican Republic that signs contracts for the purchase/sale of financial assets on a daily basis, generally in a controlled context of regular users.

In order to streamline the management of these contracts and avoid their usual processing through paper documents, Alpha found in Viafirma Inbox the optimal electronic signature holder that met its functional, logistical and technical requirements for the management of documents that need to be signed, in this case, in its cloud version.

That is to say, integrated with Viafirma Fortress, as a signature engine that allows access to the certificates that signers have in the cloud, to formalize their daily contractual processes.

We are grateful for Alpha’s pioneering impulse towards the modernization of the sector in the country, supported by Viafirma’s products.


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