Applications and statistics on electronic signatures

Once the Olympics games have finished,  we want to show you our Olympics medal table with the authentication and electronic signature operations in the cloud that we have so far in 2012:

Gold Medal: Colegio de Gestores Administrativos de Madrid.

21754 authentication operations made from their site. The statistics gathered are shown by certifying authority of the used certificates.

Estadisticas de autenticación según la autoridad de certificación de los certificados digitales utilizados


Silver Medal: CEVALDOM Depósito Centralizado de Valores.

3871 authentication operations and electronic signature operaticons from their virtual office. Here we show the statistics depending on the used browser.

Estadísticas de autenticación y firma electrónica según navegador utilizado.

Bronze Medal: Mercofact mercado de facturas.

1244 authentication and 788 firms credit transfer agreements that facilitate the process of buying and selling bills. The statistics depend on the operating system used on this case.

Estadísticas de autenticación y firma electrónica según sistema operativo


We could obtain this information thanks to Viafirma Manager, a tool that allows us to obtain analytical and detailed operation information of the electronic signature platform of our major customers.


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