Centralized Certificates with Fortress

Having centralized certificates (hosted on a secure access server) allows you to incorporate the centralized signature into your business processes. In general, Viafirma Fortress manages three centralized signature procedures based on the origin of requests.

Customer signature (desktop – CSP)

Certificates centralized in Fortress can be used in business processes requiring customer signature thanks to Fortress Desktop, Viafirma\’s desktop application that allows to use these certificates on websites or applications from third-parties upon request.

In addition, Viafirma Fortress Desktop takes advantage of the extensions installed in browsers that allow to apply usage policies and restrictions defined by certificate owners.

Customer signature (via API)

You will be able to integrate your information systems with centralized signature services where each user, whose digital certificate to sign or authenticate is required, will have to overcome the layers of protection defined in each case to authorize the operation.

Unattended Signature (Via API)

It\’s allowed to configure access policies based on usage numbers and time. Unattended Signatures are ideal for electronic seals or electronic bills, enabling to manage digital certificates associated with third-party systems integrated with Viafirma Fortress APIs.

Signature policy

Several signature policies are offered within the services available to integrators, with all kinds of PDF and XML formats, including the long-term signature LTA/TV format. You can also set policies for signature seals or stampers, choosing within several visual representations and watermarks based on text, images, barcode, QR-Code and PDF-417


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