Does Viafirma Documents allow to change the expiration date of a signature request?

Yes, the expiration date of a signature request in Viafirma Documents is fully configurable both from the backend and the API.

The expiration date can be specified in three different system settings in the following order of priority:

  • Process level (API)
  • Group level
  • application level


If the process has been generated through API by an integrator, they can specify a specific expiration value, making use of the \”expires\” attribute within the \”Workflow\” object, which is expressed in milliseconds.


If the process at API level does not have an explicit expiration, the one configured in the process owner group will be applied. To do this, go to Menu > My Group > Specific Settings


If the API level does not specify an expiration date, and neither in the advanced configuration of the owner group, the expiration date configured in the owner application of the process will be applied. This application can be Viafirma\’s backend, an iOS, Android or Windows app of Viafirma, or a third party API application. Either way, it has an explicit configuration for the expiry of its signing process, which you can check from the Menu > Applications > Life Cycle Configuration and Notifications


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