Digitalization of companies

Do you wonder what is the digitalization of companies? In the digital world, technology is no longer a simple tool, but the basis for the growth of any business.

In this article we clarify this concept, its importance and how Viafirma can help you in your digitalization process.

What is meant by digitization of companies?

Digitization is the use and implementation of new technologies and digital processes. It is the set of actions that organizations have had to take in order to accommodate to this new reality by incorporating technology in their day-to-day work in order to improve efficiency, customer value and to discover new business opportunities.

These changes have repercussions in the world beyond companies. People’s habits have changed, so companies have had to adapt to new forms of consumption. One example is online shopping or the use of apps to order food at home.

3 key points in the digitization of companies

Wondering why you should digitize your company? These are the three basic pillars of digital transformation:

  • Improve your online presence. Optimize your website in the best possible way and have at least one social network, the most appropriate according to the type of activity you do. Nowadays it is very difficult to generate visibility and trust if your project does not appear on the Internet.
  • Digitized documentation: Are there processes that you do on paper that you could change? How are you ensuring that documentation does not get lost? Digitization can solve problems such as lack of space with unlimited storage, more efficient organization, instant access to information, reduce the possibility of misplacement…
  • Optimized processes through digital tools. You will be surprised when you investigate how many of the tasks that are done in your company can be done in a simpler and faster way at a lower cost.

The goal is to be more competitive every day, from within the organization and towards customers or potential buyers. This is the way for your company to reduce, automate and streamline processes, allowing you to compete better in a world in constant evolution.

User showing the digitization of companies on his tablet

Benefits of the digitalization of companies

Many business leaders went into 2020 still with the idea of implementing digitalization on their to-do list. Clearly, they were working at their own pace… Until the pandemic hit. Digital transformation went from being a useful tool to becoming a must-have necessity to formalize online deals.

Here are some of the benefits of this digital transformation:

  • 馃檶 Differentiate yourself from the competition. In such a competitive world every added value of this transformation will position you better in the market, transmitting a modern image in the mind of your customer.
  • 馃挵 Reduce operating costs. Since you will now be able to automate your processes and thus be able to work more efficiently.
  • 馃寢 Increased productivity and business performance. The use of software and applications help to carry out strategies, spend more time on more important tasks and result in higher project completion rates.

Your digitalization starts with Viafirma

Viafirma helps you to complete the digitalization process of your SME, allowing the electronic signature of contracts, without the need of printing, travel or digital certificate by the parties. The mobility offered by our solutions is a great help when it comes to close agreements, especially for the sales department.

Similarly, environmental responsibility is highly valued today, so adopting paperless solutions of this caliber is also beneficial as it conveys an image of a sustainable company.


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