Download Viafirma Fortress Desktop for Mac OS

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Firefox (macOS)

For the correct functioning of the Viafirma Fortress extension on macOS operating systems and Firefox browser, we will need to download the 2 files that we find below. The first link corresponds to the extension itself. Fortress extension for Firefox on Mac OS The second is a security module necessary for its proper functioning. PKCS#11 Security Module for Firefox on Mac OSMódulo de Seguridad PKCS#11 para Firefox en Mac OS

After downloading the 2 files, we proceed to install the extension in Firefox by double clicking on the first file. To configure the PKCS#11, we must access the menu option Firefox -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Security Devices


Next, on the Device Management screen, click Load. A new window will open. As the module name, we indicate: Fortress PKCS#11. Press the Browse… button and select the libfortress_pkcs11.dylib file that we have downloaded previously.


Finally, if we select Viafirma Fortress in the side panel, we can see on the right the information related to the component we have just added:



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