Variables available for notifications

When writing a request, in the notification message we can add a number of variables. As seen in the example with the format to use for the use of existing variables is the following: {{}}.


Ejemplo solicitud con variables


Glossary of variables to use in these notifications:


Signing variables(recipient):

{{}}: Signer’s name
{{recipient.mail}}: Signer’s mail
{{}}: Signer’s phone
{{recipient.key}}: Code identifying the signer.(API only)
{{}}: Identifier (ID…) of the signatory ( API only)
{{recipient.label}}: Signing detail (API only)

On the same screen above we have quick access to these variables.

Acceso directo datos firmante


Variables of the request:

{{SET_CODE}}: Code of the application.

Variables asociadas al usuario redactor de la solicitud:

{{SYS_NAME}}: Editor’s name
{{SYS_SURNAME}}: Editor’s surname
{{SYS_EMAIL}}: Editor’s mail
{{SYS_MOBILE}}: Editor’s phone
{{SYS_NATIONALID}}: ID card of the editor

Variables associated with the request group:

{{GROUP_TITLE}}: Título del grupo que redacta la solicitud

Custom variables of the group:

{{SYS_GROUP_VARIABLEDEGRUPO}}: You can add variables to the group that can be used as a variable in notifications.

Ejemplo de variable personalizada


In this case, it would be {{SYS_GROUP_FIRST_GREETING}}: It would show “A greeting” in the body of the notification.


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