How does the signature request tally work?

Two elements must be taken into account when posting a signature request:

  1. The number of documents sent for signature.
  2. The number of users who must sign these documents.

Each time a user signs a document, it is counted as a signature action. In our system, every 10 signature actions are counted as one signature request. Here are some examples:

  • One document and one signer = 1 signature action = 1 signature request.
  • One document and ten signers = 10 signature actions = 1 signature request.
  • One document and eleven signers = 11 signature actions = 2 signature requests.
  • Two documents and four signers = 8 signature actions = 1 signature request

These are just examples. The important thing is to combine the number of documents and the users who must sign them. This will give us the number of signature actions for each process. For every 10 actions, we will count one request.

If a user uses one or more signature mechanisms, this will not add any extra element in the accounting. Even if a user uses several signature mechanisms, his signing action still counts as one (with the exception of the SMS OTP code which does have an additional cost).


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