Where can I use Viafirma Documents?

Are you wondering where to use Viafirma Documents? This solution is designed to be used in any scenario where it is necessary to eliminate paper in the signature processes with clients or external users of an organization. One of the most common processes where to use Viafirma Documents is the digital signature of contracts; the use of mobile devices for the distribution and signature of documents will allow, not only the elimination of paper, but also the streamlining of the processes. That is to say, it will allow the user to sign anywhere.
Office Sales
A salesperson will not need to select a printer to print the sales contract to the customer sitting in front of him. Instead, he will select the mobile device to which he will send the notification and all the information he needs: contract ready to read and sign, customer photo capture, fingerprint, etc.

Our solution can be integrated with other mobile applications that perform self-service functions such as those used in kiosk-type points of sale.


Mobile assistance
Any sales representative or technical assistant can use their mobile device as a point of sale or assistance, formalizing the act of signing in front of the customer as if they were in the office. Thanks to the integration with third-party backoffices, the operation ends with a feedback of the signature and even the transfer of the signed document, thus allowing real-time knowledge of the operation.

Informed medical consent
A very high volume of this type of document is generated on a daily basis. They require at least two signatures: that of the patient and that of the healthcare personnel. Our solution greatly simplifies this process. For more information: eHealth – Informed Consent



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