Solución HESAfirma para Heineken

Heineken relies on Viafirma Documents

Heineken bets for the advanced digitalized signature with Viafirma, with the Viafirma Documents solution. This way, contracts with customers can be formalized from the corporate iPads of the sales representatives.

In general terms, in recent times the need for mobility solutions that allow access to the same information from different devices has increased, since more and more people have to work from different places and the cell phone or tablet have become indispensable work tools, especially for those jobs related to commercial activity and distribution.

Heineken has detected this need among its sales representatives and distributors. Thus, in order to provide a better service to its customers and at the same time develop a more efficient management, has opted for the development of an advanced digitized signature solution, Hesafirma.

Hesafirma is an application based on Viafirma Documents in its on demand version, integrating the mobile CRM that your salespeople carry in a corporate iPad, in order to request advanced digitalized signature in the contracts formalized with your customers.

For the integration of the project, we will count on Guadaltech, a technology consultant from Seville and responsible for the development of the CRM for IPad mentioned above. In addition, it is important to highlight that Guadaltech will be in charge of the distribution of our product.


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