Signature delegation

Are you wondering what is signature delegation? There are situations in which it is not possible to be in several places at the same time, nor is it possible to assume all the responsibilities of the company. Fortunately, the delegation of signature helps companies to solve this type of problem.

In this article we will see what it consists of, the benefits it offers and how you can apply it in your company with Viafirma.

What is signature delegation?

The signature delegation allows you to give another person the power to sign on behalf of someone in a 100% legal and secure way. It is one of the functionalities offered by Viafirma suite and it can be easily implemented in any company.

Managers with a lot of responsibility can benefit from this tool if it is used correctly. In this way, less important tasks can be delegated to third parties, allowing them to make the most of their working time. They could delegate their signature to their secretary and relieve themselves of this work, concentrating on more important tasks.

Viafirma’s signature delegation complies with any legal requirement, being perfectly applicable to any type of company.

Main advantages

It mainly allows more time to devote to certain tasks that require a more qualified person. Signing can be done by anyone as long as all the points of the agreement have been negotiated and there is prior consent.

The fact of delegating implies an inherent responsibility that is being given to another person to exercise. This trust will increase your motivation to do your job.

Some jobs require meetings with clients outside the office or business trips to close deals. The digital signature delegation also has the benefit of mobility, allowing trusted people to sign from anywhere and on any device with Viafirma.

In other areas, the work system is very hierarchical and every single document needs to be monitored. Therefore, this type of signature plays a crucial role in streamlining processes so that nothing becomes obsolete along the way.

User using the certificate delegated by the manager

Viafirma Fortress: An agile solution to control and restrict the use of digital certificates

Viafirma offers different electronic signature solutions for companies and public entities, each one of them adjusted to the different requirements of our clients, because not all of them have the same needs.

To sign and carry out procedures on behalf of someone, it is important that you are using a software able to manage certificates in a secure way and adapted to the current regulation. For these scenarios Viafirma Fortress is a tool able to control and restrict the use of digital certificates to third parties and can be integrated through API with any corporate software.

Your company’s certificates will never be stored locally, but will be hosted in an ultra-secure cloud that can be used from any device, anywhere, so you can sign documents online from any device.



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