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The evolution of the Digital Signature in Spain -Infographic-

Today we want to analyze the evolution of Digital Signatures in Spain with this infographic. Since the birth of the first Certification Authority (CA) in 1995, the evolution of the sector has been continuous. Viafirma began its journey in 2006, and over the years it has adapted to the latest regulations and market changes. So until today, when we are growing within the regulatory framework of the Digital Single Market.

From the first Certification Authority to the present day: The evolution of the Digital Signature in Spain.

The appearance of the first CA in 1995 led to the birth of the Digital Signature sector in Spain. The European Union, aware of the importance of these entities for the progress towards e-Government, issued the first legislation to regulate them (Directive 1999/93/EC on electronic signatures).

Over the years, Europe’s guidelines have focused on Digital Transformation, leading to the emergence of the Digital Single Market (DSM). In this context, member countries begin to legislate for the conversion of their public administrations into digitized entities.

In 2003, Spain promotes the first legislation on Digital Signature (Law 59/2003, on electronic signature) to regulate “the electronic signature, its legal effectiveness and the provision of certification services.” 3 years later, the electronic ID (eID) is created to offer citizens the possibility of carrying out consultations and operations digitally.

That same year Viafirma was born, with the objective of offering authentication solutions, Digital Signature and Digitized Signature (Biometric). Complying with our business premise, which advocates for customized solutions and products in constant evolution, we created in 2007 the first support for Linux eID, thus helping users to comply with the Law of access of citizens to public services.

After the technological advances, the first electronic signatures are hosted in the cloud. Viafirma gets the first support for MAC of the eID and becomes the first mobile signature client for iOS and Android.

In 2011 Spain has more than 25 million eID and Viafirma consolidates as a reference of Digital Signature in Spain: It achieves the first mobile signature in iOS with eID, generates Advanced Digitalized Signature and creates Viafirma Documents, Mobility solution to generate signatures in mobile devices.

In 2014, the European Electronic Identification Regulation (eIDAS) was born. With this regulation, Europe seeks to consolidate the progress of the Digital Transformation framed in the DSM. One year later, the Ministry of the Interior presents the ID 3.0 with NFC connection, compatible with Viafirma Platform.

Thus we come to the present day, when the Digital Signature in Spain is about to go one step further with the implementation of the eIDAS Regulation, which will take place on July 1, 2016.

Viafirma will undoubtedly remain adapted to the guidelines coming from Europe and will evolve to offer solutions compatible with the requirements of the European single market (DSM).

We hope you have enjoyed this overview of the eSignature industry and that you find our infographic interesting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

La evolución de la Firma Digital en España


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