Equipo de Viafirma

This is the new Viafirma

2019 begins welcoming a change that we have been planning for some time. Viavansi is now Viafirma, through the merger of both companies. A much stronger brand, more international and closer to you.

Viafirma has always been the flagship of Viavansi Group. However, today it takes all the prominence it deserves becoming the main brand of the entire group to bring our mobility and authentication solutions to all corners.

2019 is going to be a year we will not forget. Full of changes, improvements and challenges both in the national and international market. Little by little, we will be revealing surprises in the different communications and articles, but for now we would like to share with you that:

We are more international. Because our consolidation in Latam is already a reality.

We are stronger. Thanks to our partners and the constant optimization of our solutions, today we have one of the best products on the market in terms of signature and authentication solutions.

We are more universal. Thus, our team is constantly ensuring that the usability of viafirma’s applications is universal in all new emerging devices, to guarantee an excellent user experience, regardless of the device you are working on.

We are more you. We have listened to you, we know your needs and, therefore, we have adapted our products to be exactly what your business requires. Improving not only the user experience, but also contributing to the digital transformation of your business does not become a utopia.

However, there are some things that do not change. Thus, we continue to be very close to you. We continue to have a unique team. Not only for their talent as professionals, but also for their warmth and closeness to our customers.

We are one of those entities that, in the constant search for excellence, is transforming and evolving with the times. Today we are relaunching our brand as an effect of this evolutionary process through which we have developed solutions that meet the real needs of the market and that will open the doors to new markets.

2019, a year that opens with the rebranding of our group under the name of Viafirma. A year full of illusions, because now more than ever, the sky is the limit.


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