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Digital transformation is impacting companies and public institutions globally. In line with this trend, the government of the Dominican Republic has implemented resources to adapt to this new reality. It is necessary to ensure security in the use of electronic signatures and digitally signed documents. VALIDAFIRMA is a free platform that allows to easily verify the validity of documents with electronic signatures in the Dominican Republic.

In addition, Indotel Resolution 071-19 updated Law 126-02 on Electronic Commerce, Documents and Digital Signatures, following the eIDAS Regulation of the European Union. In addition to the regulatory changes,

Indotel makes available to all citizens VALIDAFIRMA, a free platform to verify digitally signed documents and view the characteristics of electronic signatures. Its objective is to provide security to public and private entities, ensuring that digital documents comply with Dominican regulations. This tool follows in the footsteps of others such as the validation system of the E.U. or the “valide” portal of the Government of Spain.  

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The VALIDAFIRMA portal allows to load digitally signed documents by dragging them or through the search engine incorporated in the system. The software performs an exhaustive validation of all the elements of the digital signature present in the document, generating a result on its validity. In addition, it verifies whether the digital certificates used to sign the document are expired, revoked and other relevant details. With each analysis, users can explore all the details and get immediate answers. The objective is not only to provide society with a useful and free public service, but also to provide security to many other economic agents, whether public or private, who need to be certain whether the digital documents they are handling meet the requirements of Dominican regulations or whether they can really be “accepted as valid”. In other words, a mechanism is made available to the public that allows to dissipate, at the click of a button, many unknowns that have traditionally existed about electronic signatures. The implementation of VALIDAFIRMA has generated a significant boost in trust and has allowed the deployment of various initiatives related to electronic signatures in both the public and private spheres. Institutions such as the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Real Estate Jurisdiction have adopted this platform, which has promoted their total immersion in the world of electronic signatures, both in the issuance and acceptance of digitally signed documents.

The implementation of Validafirma provides a sufficient degree of confidence to boost the deployment of other sectorial initiatives related to electronic signatures that had remained dormant in time, both in the public and private sectors. It is noteworthy the embrace given to the portal by institutions as transversal as the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Real Estate Jurisdiction or the Dominican College of Notaries, in which validafirma has undoubtedly been a springboard towards their full immersion in the world of electronic signatures, both in the issuance and acceptance of digitally signed documents.

José Raúl Madera, Head of the Digital Signature Department of Indotel

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