Version 4.3.0

Date: 27/11/2023

Database version:  4.3.0

What’s new in the writing module?

  • New support for pdf templates with AcroForms . Previously only odt and docx templates were allowed.
  • New menu item for error and retry management for unattended signature.
  • New option for administrators to move a request from the signed inbox back to the request inbox.
  • Asynchronous multi-signature services with Platform from the App version 2.5.0 for Android and iOS platforms.
  • New option in the details of the request to delete documents. This option is available only to users with the Administrator role or to the request creator and when the status of the request is Closed or Rejected.

Minor improvements and corrections

  • Corrected calculation of expiration date in delegations.
  • Signature fixes with Fortress.
  • Security improvements: Revised password change procedure.


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