Version 4.4.5

Date: 04/09/2024

Database version: 4.3.4

  • Increased the size of the rejection reason text. From 255 characters to 3500
  • Improvements in the callback service: new support for certificate-Based Authentication
  • User export improvements
  • Improvements in SFTP custody copy
  • Improvements in the identification of API system type senders
  • API system management improvements
  • Improvements in callback management
  • Improvements in the filter by date of unattended signatures
  • Improvements in the validation of request annexed documents
  • Corrections in multiple signature with Viafirma Desktop when documents are not valid
  • Corrections in the external user certificate filter
  • Corrections in user registration when the second authentication factor is activated
  • Fixes to remember password when second factor authentication is enabled
  • Fixes to forced document conversion
  • Corrections in user self-registration
  • Corrections in the user dropdown of the request detail when automatic refresh is enabled
  • [APP] Authentication fixes
  • [REST] Corrections in the original document download service


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