Version 4.4.0

Database version:  4.3.1

Minor improvements and corrections

  • New use of filters: filters with parameters can now be used in the inbox.
  • Improvements in the administration of editorial templates: the search criteria for users, groups and positions have been unified.
  • Improvements in security: control in the uploading of files with unexpected types.
  • Efficiency improvements in general configuration saving.
  • SAML authentication improvements: added support for Microsoft Azure.
  • Corrections in the signature of the delegation document.
  • Language corrections in some emails.
  • Fixes in user metadata creation/editing.
  • Corrected filtering of unattended signature statuses by date.
  • Corrections in the filtering by date of signature reports.
  • Corrected the display of options that are not allowed for Collaborator type delegations.
  • Corrections in the display of delegation filters in the detail of a delegation.
  • Fixes redirection after authentication with SAML.
  • Corrections in the saving of signature stamps with logo.
  • Corrections in the reset of failed attempts to enter authentication credentials.
  • Fixes in the user’s password reminder function.
  • Corrections in the sorting of the lists by date.
  • Fixed template upload when document extension is not allowed.
  • Corrected the removal of delegation filters.
  • Fixed date filtering in the advanced search.
  • Corrected upload of stamp logos when the file extension is not allowed.
  • [APP] Corrections in the digitized signature.
  • [APP] Corrections in the PUSH notifications related to delegations.
  • [REST API] Fixes when trying to download a signed document that does not exist.


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