Viafirma and Athento sign a collaboration agreement to improve the productivity and efficiency of companies

Viafirma’s clients now have direct access to Athento, one of the most powerful document managers on the market, as a result of a collaboration agreement signed between both entities.

In the current situation, digital transformation is more important than ever. To have the company’s documents digitally stored, plus the possibility to sign them from the same platform is crucial for speeding up business processes, saving time and management costs.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement between Viafirma and Athento, any company will be able to use both solutions transparently. Therefore, it is possible to send documents from Athento’s document manager so that they can be digitally signed with Viafirma.

Athento is a Document Management system that covers the entire lifecycle of a document, from document capture to archiving. Currently, Athento’s software handles over 400 million documents. Their head office is in Malaga and they have customers in more than 12 countries, with success stories including Ferrovial, FCC, Intrum, Axa, Generali, Inditex, Endesa, Leroy Merlin, Kia Motors, Bayer, etc.

Thanks to this integration, Athento users can choose between using simple, advanced or qualified electronic signatures. 

Therefore, current users of our digital signature folder (portafirmas) who may need an ECM can choose Athento’s solution. In addition to the advantages offered by their powerful document manager, our partner now adds the feature of electronically signing documents as a result of the integration with Viafirma

Read the Athento – Viafirma documentation on the integration.


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