Viafirma has successfully completed the previous report to the certification for Common Criteria EAL1 for its signing and ID verification module.

Thanks to the program to promote the certification of applications which use the spanish eID as a secure device for creation and verification of signatures under the Common Criteria and eID Protection Profiles carried out by INTECO, we are one of the five companies which have positively completed the safety evaluation.

The program was developed following the procedure set by the Spanish Certification Body of this area. Products were technicaly evaluated by an certified laboratory, issuing the corresponding favorable report. Through this report, the Certification Body issues the security certificate of the evaluated product.

Módulo de firma y verificación de DNIe - Viiafirma Platform

We are proud our product “Viafirma Platform” is one of the top five to pass this previous report for the certification ‘Common Criteria’ according to eID protection profiles, providing a EAL1 security assurance level.


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