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Viafirma, validation engine for e-Invoicing in the Dominican Republic

Viafirma will actively contribute to reduce tax evasion in Dominican Republic through the implementation of our solutions in e-invoice verification.

Tax evasion is a big problem the Dominican Republic has decided to face by several means. And the truth is their figures show the importance of reducing this kind of fraud. To do this, they have relied on the solutions offered by Viafirma.

According to a study carried out by the Dominican Administration, companies from the country evade 61.9% on income tax and 43.5% on Industrialized Goods and Services Transfer Tax (ITBIS). Based on overall figures, tax evasion reaches 9.43% of the GDP, which means 344,2 billion Dominican pesos.

In order to end this fraud rate, the Directorate General of Internal Taxes (DGII) wants to establish an e-invoicing system as part of the strategy to evade black money.

As previously discussed, to validate invoices signed by companies, the DGII will make use of Viafirma solutions, which has relied on us for over ten years.

With Viafirma, DGII will be in charge of validating in batch and in real time the signed XML formats as well as the validation of digital certificates used for signing.

The launching of this technology took place after a pilot project of 11 months          ( from February to December 2019) where 10 companies participated and 7 passed the test phase. Therefore, these companies are already issuers of electronic tax receipts.

During this pilot project, and thanks to Viafirma’s technology, 723 thousand electronic receipts were processed.

By implementing our services, we take a step forward in a key process to improve the economy of the Caribbean country, making more resources available to the people of the Dominican Republic to improve infrastructure and public services.


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