Viafirma and Venzia sign a partnership agreement by integrating the digital signature in the AQuA Suite

Venzia clients will be able to easily sign their documents in the ECM & BPM AQuA Suite, as a result of the collaboration agreement between Venzia and Viafirma.

The current state of affairs has forced companies to commit to teleworking, as well as to adopt tools to help them close agreements anywhere. Therefore, solutions like AQuA are essential, which aim to make day-to-day life easier in companies, reducing time costs (and money), paper usage, and enabling the automation of daily tasks. 

Therefore, in order to grow and offer better solutions, Venzia has signed a collaboration agreement with Viafirma, integrating Viafirma’s digital signature solution in the ECM & BPM AQUA Suite, based on Alfresco ECM.

Thanks to their AQuA Suite, Venzia has improved the daily work of companies by digitizing their business processes. This is achieved based on their three pillars; Primarily, with Data Rooms, which allow to create collaborative work spaces. That is, virtual spaces to work, having the possibility to set a start and end date for the project, as well as the possibility to invite anyone, either internal or external to the company.

Secondly, via their classification and distribution engine (OCR + IA), allowing to smartly classify documents, based on predefined criteria. And finally, improving the production processes through digital signatures, as a result of the agreement between Viafirma and Venzia.

Through this union the AQuA software allows every user of the platform to sign any document, including contracts that require legal validity, and without mobility restrictions. That is, users can sign anywhere and from any device, regardless of the type of device used (e.g., tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.).

With just one click, AQuA users will be able to sign their documents using Viafirma (e.g., contracts with external companies, payrolls, etc) carrying out any business operation anywhere in a simple and agile way. 


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