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Who have been viafirma’s clients in 2015?

2015 has become for Viafirma a year where great challenges have been achieved thanks to the work and professionalism of our team. For this reason we face 2016 with the same enthusiasm and tenacity with which we develop all our products in order to make all your telematic procedures easier.

Taking advantage of this new year, we would like to thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us and we hope they will continue to do so during 2016 to further strengthen our business ties. In this new beginning viafirma will continue working to update its services and remain a pioneer in electronic signature solutions, mobility and usability.

We would like to use this post to present some statistics about the type of customers we have had in 2015. Finally, we will introduce you to the new accounts that have joined viafirma during this year. Let’s start.

The following shows how our customers are distributed between public and private:

As can be seen, most of our clients are private entities. Thus, 68.8% of our clients are private entities. However, viafirma has an important representation of clients from the public sector, approximately 31% are public entities that have decided to bet on us.

This year, more than half of the clients in this public sector have been national entities that have seen viafirma as the answer to their needs, for which we are very grateful. As can be seen in Graph II, three different levels of performance can be distinguished: Local, Regional and National.

As can be seen in this graph, more than 54% of our clients operate at the national level. On the other hand, 21% and 24% represent the regional and local levels, respectively.

Regarding viafirma’s scope of action, it should be noted that since its inception it has been a company focused on being international.

As shown in graph 3, our universal signature solution goes beyond Spanish borders, since approximately 25% of our customers are international, thanks in part to Avansi, Viavansi’s subsidiary. We would like to highlight that internationalization has begun in Europe, thanks to the Barclaycard project of the Barclays Bank PLC group.

Below are the statistics according to the sectors from which our clients come from. As shown in Graph IV, the most important sectors in our client portfolio are health and public administrations. Companies from the financial world, the health sector or education, are mainly those who in 2015 wanted to place their trust in us, acquiring some of the products of our suite to improve their communication and operations.

Our New Clients of 2015

Below is a selection of the new accounts acquired during 2015, with which, as with the rest of our clients, we hope to have very productive and long-lasting relationships, in order to continue growing together:

  • Barclaycard

Barclaycard is one of the four business units of the Barclays Group. Since the 1960s it has been a leader in credit card payment systems and has more than 30 million customers.

Specifically in Spain, the company arrived in the late 1990s to offer customers banking coverage tailored to their needs.

Our company has collaborated with Telefónica and Athento to create a software that covers the complete life cycle of Barclaycard credit card marketing, building mobile solutions with advanced functionalities such as biometric signature, integration with card reader to capture DNIe data in Spain and Cartão do Cidadão in Portugal, OCR, document capture through camera, offline operation, local generation of documents from templates, 100% native dynamic forms… allowing the company to manage thousands of credit card applications to date, reducing card delivery times to the customer by 75%.

  • Banco Itaú in Argentina

Itaú is the largest private bank in Latin America. In the early 1980s Itaú established itself in Argentina as a wholesale bank and in the mid-1990s it began operations as a universal bank, opening branches in October 1995.

It has a network of branches with coverage in the two main provinces of the country, the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires.

In order to offer personalized coverage, Itaú bank serves three different clients, banking for individuals, SME banking, and Itáu BBA corporate banking, which provides comprehensive advice to large companies and corporations.

Viafirma has developed for Itaú the electronic signature authentication platform based on electronic certificates. In addition, the bank also chose Viafirma Manager, Viafirma Platform’s complement to measure, analyze and configure statistics about the electronic signature such as where users have accessed from.

  • Tragsa Group

The Tragsa Group is part of SEPI, the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales. This holding is made up by Empresa de Transformación Agraria SA (Tragsa), Tecnologías y Servicios Agrarios SA (Tragsatec), Colonización y Transformación Agraria SA (CYTASA) and Tragsa Brasil Desarrollo de Proyectos Agrarios, LTDA.

After almost forty years working for public administrations, the group’s activities range from the provision of agricultural, forestry, livestock and rural development services to environmental conservation and protection.

It has offices in all Spanish provinces and is a viafirma client for the use of the viafirma platform authentication platform.

  • Banreservas Bank

Banreservas has established itself as the largest bank in the Dominican Republic and is currently the second largest in Central America. Managed by the State, Banreservas has three types of banks to meet the needs of public, private or personal entities.

Once again, avansi, viavansi’s subsidiary in the Dominican Republic, has played an important role in viafirma’s internationalization in 2015, providing quick and simple solutions to our clients’ needs. In the case of Banreserva, it will control the generation of certificates for this entity as Registration Authority (RA).

Once again, thanks to all our customers for trusting viafirma. 2016 is also full of challenges that we hope to meet in order to continue growing with you. We will continue working and developing our products to offer you innovation, quality and trust under the seal of professionalism that we always try to transmit from our house.

See you soon.


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