Viafirma integrates with Zapier to streamline company workflows

Viafirma’s technology becomes part of the Zapier platform offer, simplifying integration with different software management systems, improving day-to-day activities of the companies. 

In the daily life of companies, the use of digital tools are on the rise, from office and administrative resources, to those aimed at marketing and sales management, as well as those related to esigning documents, etc.

These tools are often independent of each other. Therefore, there are many integration solutions available for different platforms. This integration helps companies because they can easily define their workflows.

The main advantages are the agility of processes and time savings in performing routine tasks, as well as preventing errors when transferring information between applications.

Zapier is one of the best known and most far-reaching platforms. It’s a software that allows to integrate different programs and web applications, with more than 2,000 apps at the moment. In addition to the potential it offers to users, it’s a user-friendly interface, as no programming skills are required to use it.

Recently, Viafirma has become one of the solutions available on Zapier for its integration with the rest of the applications of the list. As a result, processes related to the management and esigning of documents, like drafting, submission or classification, can now be automated.

This possibility of creating several automations (or zaps, according to the terminology of this platform) with electronic signatures is a great step for those firms who wish to add the level of cyber security, legality and agility brought by Viafirma solutions.

How to use Viafirma in Zapier?

Easily use Viafirma in Zapier by following these steps:

  1. Sign up in Zapier
  2. Login to Zapier
  3. In the top menu, look for “My Apps” and then “Connect a new account”.
  4. Now click on “Connect a new account…” and search for “Viafirma”
  5. We connect the Viafirma account to Zapier via the API credentials
  6. You can create automations using pre-made zaps or create your own Zap editor.

Remember that you must be a Viafirma Documents user before using it.

As you see, it is an easy-to-use process that should not take you long. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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