CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature)

CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures) it’s a set of database extensions signed with Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) suitable for the advanced electronic signature.

While the CMS format is a CAdES-T (timestamp),a general framework to digitally sign documents like E-Mail (S / MIME) or PDF, CAdES specifies accurate data profiles signed with CMS to be used with the advanced electronic signature in the European Directive 1999/93/CE.

An important advantage of the CAdES format is that electronically signed documents can still be valid after long periods of time even if the underlying cryptographic algorithms are broken

The main document describing this format is the ETSI TS 101 733 Electronic Signature and Infrastructure (ESI) – CMS Advanced Electronic Signature (CAdES)

The CAdES format has 6 different profiles defined, depending on the level of protection offered. Each profile includes and upgrades the previous one. Currently, at Viafirma, we support up to the CAdES-T profile.