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Authentication and electronic signature platform

Provides services that ensure security, authenticity and integrity of the company's business processes that require the use of digital certificates

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With DNIe (e-ID) or an electronic certificate you will be able to ensure the identity of individuals who access your systems.

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Electronic Signature

Sign electronically any document by using your digital certificate.

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Automated bulk signing

Automate the signing process of e-documents, without required user interactionout required user interaction

Mobile electronic signature

Using native apps available for free

LEgal framework

Choose what type of signature you want according to your needs. Compliant with the Legal Framework

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The signature suitable for any kind of need

Easy integration

Any application can include authentication and electronic signature features while using our solution, thus excluding applications from any technical problems and complexities that may occur when using digital certificates. 


what are the Advantages of adopting the electronic signature


Cost reduction

Storing, movements and time

Identity verification

Reduces the risk of identity theft

Universal Signature

The simplest, most neutral and innovative advanced electronic signature solution on the market

Technology neutrality

Sign from any web browser, operating system or smartphone

Greater security

Makes business operations more secure and trustworthy

Legal Compliance

Complies with Regulation (EU) 910/2014 and Law 59/2003

Signature suitable for any need


Which certificates can I use with Viafirma Platform?

Viafirma Platform allows you to authenticate with digital certificates issued by any Trust Service Provider, as well as the possibility of using the Spanish DNIe (e-ID card).
Check the certificate support list. If your certificate is not listed, we can integrate with any certificate provider or certification authority at the speed of life.

What are the types of signatures that Viafirma Platform offer?

 Platform offers several types of e-signatures depending on your needs: centralized signature (with or without user interaction), customer signature ( with user interaction), multisignature (several signatories), email signatures, etc. 

What are the formats does Viafirma Platform support?

Viafirma Platform supports the main signature formats, for instance the PAdES, XAdES o CAdES group, including long-term signature formats.

Can Viafirma Platform recover and take custody of signed documents?

Yes. Viafirma Platform safekeeps and recovers signed documents, supporting several consultation and storage mechanisms.

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