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Do you know the purpose of the CAdES format? Today, running a business is not just about going paperless, but also creating a truly integrated and seamless workflow to automate tedious business processes like sending documents for signature. To this end, the CAdES format is one of the best options to automate and streamline signing […]


What exactly is PAdES format? Digital documents are increasingly being signed electronically. Once they are registered they must be stored correctly – sometimes for several years and in other cases permanently.

Digital signature vs. digital certificate

Some people believe digital certificates and digital signatures are the same thing. These two terms are often used as synonyms, but the fact is that they aren’t, even though they are often used in the same field of technology. In this article we will take a closer look at each one and explain their main features.


Have you ever heard of XAdES? There are multiple signature formats due to historical reasons, how eSignatures have been introduced into existing document formats along with features added over time.

How to check if a document has been electronically signed

Users often question whether a document has been electronically signed. All we need to do is open the pdf file that contains all the signature data and legal evidence to know if it was eSigned correctly..

Biometric signature

Are you aware of the use of biometric signatures? In today’s world, fostering a digital culture in a company is essential for any process. To do this, a correct digital transformation will help us protect our entity and automate processes. A digital signature solution without requiring an electronic certificate Overall, digital signatures have long been […]

Electronic signature options for cell phones

Signing from a cellphone has been around for several years, but not all signatures are the same. That is why today we are going to explain the most common types of eSignatures for phones and the main differences between them.

Digitized signatures

Do you know the purpose of digitized signatures? Technology advances have encouraged companies to digitize their documents. Indeed, digitized signatures offer users the possibility to easily add a signature to a digital document, although, on the other hand, the level of security they offer is very low.

Qualified electronic signatures

What are qualified electronic signatures? Many people share this question, and though at first they believe that it is the most suitable because it provides full legal guarantees, we will see below that it is also the most complex to use. What is a qualified electronic signature? Is an electronic signature that is based on […]

5 applications of fingerprint biometrics you already use without you noticing

Some of the advantages that technological progress brings is the increase in security and the willingness to facilitate the way we do things. These are one of the many reasons why biometrics were created and are still used today in several places where you probably have not noticed.

What is deepfake and how does Viafirma tackle it?

As technology keeps advancing, there are new challenges for society and, therefore, for companies. This article analyses and discusses the current boom of deepfake and what we can do to fight against it. What is deepfake? By deepfake, we mean those hyper-realistic video montages that have recently been proliferating and spreading across both social media […]

PDF 417

PDF 417 is a barcode that is used to encode large amounts of information. The word ”barcode” is a widely used term and known to the vast majority of people. They contain a certain amount of information and are used to recognize an item both physically and online. However, there are two groups of barcodes: […]

Viafirma executes the VICARIUS FIDELIS (VI-FI) Project: A Centralized Delegated eSignature Platform.

European Regional Development Fund A way to make Europe For the new commercial and social reality usability requirements of digital signatures include adapting to environments that require mobility, flexibility, speed, device and technology independence, and security. Viafirma has developed the VI-FI product in order to meet these requirements, adding features based on the centralization of […]

ERP Digital Signature case study

This is a software system designed to manage the whole training program for companies (subsidized courses) but also allowing to manage private training and consulting services (e.g., training and learning contracts, LOPD, PRL, etc.)

Signing contracts electronically

Working in HR is very satisfying. For instance, making happy those who wanted a job in your company so badly. Then comes the most annoying part, which is handling all the paperwork, starting with the employment contract. Luckily, the electronic signature simplifies and secures both your work and your new colleague’s work. Do you want to know […]