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How to sign a contract online

Wondering how to sign a contract online? After the pandemic, digital resources such as those offered by Viafirma are an absolute must for companies that receive, send and sign stacks of documents on a daily basis and wish to automate their agreement process. Let’s take a look at these benefits and how you can deploy…

How to get a digital certificate?

Are you wondering how to get a digital certificate? Certificates are particularly handy for operations that require identity verification. As they can be used anywhere and are perfectly safe they are highly popular among the general public. This article explains how to get a digital certificate step by step, plus its different applications. Also, we…

Digital transformation strategy

Are you wondering if you should design a digital transformation strategy? Let us explain why and how Viafirma can help you

Biometric signature

Learn more about our biometric signature. Get to know all the advantages it can offer your company!

Mobile electronic signatures

Smartphones are great tools. But did you know that you can also close deals from your device with mobile electronic signatures? Here’s how to do it

Are eSignatures legal?

You may question yourself, ”Are eSignatures legal for any type of contract? ” Agreements can also be reached remotely. Here’s how to do it!

How to check if a document has been electronically signed

This article explains the different ways to check if a document is electronically signed. There are multiple ways to eSign documents!

Advanced electronic signatures

The advanced electronic signature is the easiest, safest way to sign your company’s documents remotely. Here’s why!

Sign a lease online

Are you wondering how to sign a lease online? Let us explain how it works, a perfect asset for real estate agencies

Can we forge a signature?

This article explains why it is so hard to forge a signature performed via electronic means and why you should start using eSignatures

How check the signature correctly

This article clarifies how to check the signature of an electronic document correctly and why eSignatures are crucial for organizations nowadays

Remote signatures

Remote signatures allowv you to send, sign and approve documents anywhere. Here’s how you can use them with Viafirma

How to sign a PDF on iPhone

Wonder how to sign a PDF on iPhone? Here’s how to do it and why Viafirma’s business solutions automate and strengthen the security of these processes

Types of digital signature

Learn about the different types of digital signature for your business. Start signing documents today for free with Viafirma!

How to sign a PDF

This article explains how to sign a PDF step by step and why eSignature software can help companies automate their agreement process