Digital Transformation

According to wikipedia, digital transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Digital transformation can be considered as the third stage of adopting digital technologies: 1st, digital competition; 2º, the digital use; and 3rd, digital transformation, where digital uses inherently allow new types of innovation and creativity in a particular field, rather than improving and supporting traditional methods.

Digital transformation strategy

How to conduct a digital transformation strategy? Businesses are restructuring their organization in the digital age as most admit it gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Over time, technology will invade and transform most of the products we know. This article explains what is digital transformation for companies and how Viafirma can help […]

How to check if a document has been electronically signed

This article explains the different ways to check if a document is electronically signed. There are multiple ways to eSign documents!

Advanced electronic signatures

The advanced electronic signature is the easiest, safest way to sign your company’s documents remotely. Here’s why!

How check the signature correctly

This article clarifies how to check the signature of an electronic document correctly and why eSignatures are crucial for organizations nowadays

How to sign a PDF

This article explains how to sign a PDF step by step and why eSignature software can help companies automate their agreement process

How to sign a contract online

Wondering how to sign a contract online? After the pandemic, digital resources such as those offered by Viafirma are an absolute must for companies that receive, send and sign stacks of documents on a daily basis and wish to automate their agreement process. Let’s take a look at these benefits and how you can deploy […]

Qualified electronic signatures

What are qualified electronic signatures? Many people share this question, and though at first they believe that it is the most suitable because it provides full legal guarantees, we will see below that it is also the most complex to use. What is a qualified electronic signature? Is an electronic signature that is based on […]

4 must-have digital tools in the Industry 4.0 framework

Those responsible for the development of Industry 4.0 may be somewhat confused by the number of available technologies and tools within the industrial framework. As a result, firms are afraid to choose tools that do not match the needs of the company and therefore do not generate profits. To simplify this decision-making, below are key […]

Viafirma integrates with Zapier to streamline company workflows

Viafirma’s technology becomes part of the Zapier platform offer, simplifying integration with different software management systems, improving day-to-day activities of the companies. 

How to obtain a digital certificate for dealing with online operations?

Digital certificates have become very useful to prove our identity when dealing with certain operations. The advantage of being able to use them from home or anywhere else, together with their high level of security has made them very attractive to citizens. Many citizens will wonder how to get them. Let’s solve this issue together with […]

Spain and the Dominican Republic: two countries digitally advanced, but with several differences

Societies are working hard to go digital, as evidenced by these two countries, divided by an ocean, but with similar digital goals. However, the situation in each country is very different and deserves to be assessed in detail.

Business document management in 2020

Documentary control can be a challenge and a headache for department heads and company CEOs. To help them, alternatives such as document managers have emerged, describing its usefulness below, focusing on how the digital signature is a tool they must also count on to make the most of document managers.