Mobile electronic signature in the Canary Government

It won’t be risky if we predict the success of solutions that integrate electronic signature services, involving savings on paper, waiting times, automating processes, elimination of stop times, legal reliability and many other benefits for both entities and citizens. Being at home for a weekend or outside office hours, remembering you have to do some kind of work  with your computer and ensuring the whole process with a digital certificates or electronic ID cards is priceless and fortunately every day is more common to do so. Therefore, everyday more public and private agencies who are being aware of the benefits of electronic signatures see a way of saving costs and improving services.

On the other hand, in the current technological moment we find a set of mobile devices that a few years ago did not seem feasible, but now the future is here with us with smartphones and tablets. This large group of users that can not be considered as a small minority anymore, are too often not allowed to the same services that they may use in their PCs, as often happens in the traditional electronic signing solutions.

This time the news comes from the Canary Islands Government and its commitment to mobilizing the electronic signature process of its Electronic Signatures Agenda, thanks to the implementation of Viafirma’s software by Telefonica. When we talk about mobilization, we mean to allow the use of this tool through mobile devices like Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad including electronic signatures. Signing a document from home, on a trip or on the way to a meeting will be possible for the whole Canary Government through its Electronic Signatures Agenda.

The General Director of Telecommunications and New Technologies of the Canary Islands, Roberto Moreno, said that this commitment is the first step to begin to guide the facilities of e-government to the communication platforms currently used by citizens and professionals.

The project Electronic Signatures Agenda is part of the Platinum project, platform designed to allow interfacing between different information systems available in the Canary Government. The process of mobilizing the Digital signature folder is based on the integration of this information system with the platform services of Authentication and Digital Signature by Viafirma, which will make use the Digital signature folder from smartpthones and tablets.

Finally, we highlight the words of Roberto Moreno:

“In the very near future, all new applications that do not have a mobile version or that are not directly developed with mobility in mind, will have an extremely limited technological life. The Government should facilitate their work and adapt to times, both to the citizenship and to the public worker himself”