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Mobile electronic signature in the Canary Government

A little more than a year ago, we reported on the commitment to mobilize the electronic signature processes of the Government of the Canary Islands in its electronic signature holder, thanks to the implementation of viafirma software by Telefónica.

Today we can give more accurate data on this project thanks to an internal report prepared by Telefónica. In this report very interesting information is extracted, especially from the point of view of usability depending on the mobile operating system used and on the trends and use cases of the analyzed users (all Canary Islands officials).

This project is given by the need to mobilize the signature holder of the Platinum application of the Canary Islands Government. They had a signature holder to which they wanted to incorporate the visualization and signature in mobility, for which they relied on our signature platform. This platform makes the logic of the signature holder independent and allows, thanks to the different mobile clients in most markets, to securely store digital certificates within the mobile.


The reach of the project was the adaptation of the signature holder web application through the implementation of CSS style sheets to adapt the portafirmas interface to mobile devices, as well as the on-site implementation (at the client’s premises) so that from the signature holder mobile adaptation the APIs of the viafirma platform signature platform in SaaS mode can be invoked.

In addition, it also included the provision of the aforementioned native clients for the various mobile operating systems through which electronic signature tasks can be performed.


According to the report, the following data, among others, can be extracted:

  • Canary Islands civil servants sign more in mobility when they are on vacation
  • 21% of signatures are made on mobile devices compared to 79% of signatures on PCs.


  • 62% of users spend, on average, 50% of their time away from the workplace.
  • In terms of usage details, 78% of people have used the X document signing functionality in a single operation and combined with multiple signers.
  • The working hours of the Government of the Canary Islands are in the morning, and there is a high volume of signatures made in the afternoon, even in the early morning (between 1 and 6 a.m.).
  • 88% of mobile signature holder users use it outside the working day and away from home, including early mornings and weekends, which translates into an improvement in the flow of document signatures, reducing waiting times for the signature of a document.
  • According to users, on iOS the appearance is similar or better than on PC, but on Blackberry there are divided opinions.
  • In iOS the reading of documents is satisfactory, in Blackberry on the other hand it is an aspect clearly to be improved, literally: “The documents to be signed I had to see them previously on my PC, as I could not see the content of the document to be signed”.
  • The signature operation is always the same or better than on the PC.
  • Overall, satisfaction with the service is total with iOS and “only” good with Blackberry.
  • There are practically no errors. The execution time of the signature is less than 1 sec. being an agile and effective process.


Undoubtedly interesting data that reflect the success of the implementation of the mobile electronic signature holder in the Canary Islands, highlighting the need of civil servants to sign on the move and the differences reported by these officials regarding the usability of iOS compared to Blackberry.


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