What are biometrics? Definition and current trends

Trends in mobility and internet in 2019 and changes compared to 2018: operating systems, browsers and search engines

With the new year knocking on the door we give the answer to the following question: what’s the behaviour of internet users in relation to the main tools, such as browsers, search engines and operating systems?

The use of the electronic stamp in the Public Administration

What is an electronic stamp and how does it help make life easier for companies that work continuously with governments and public entities? Next, we immerse ourselves in this very useful tool for the vast majority of companies, regardless of the sector, telling you about the existing types, their advantages and how to take advantage […]

What Types of Electronic Signature Can Be Made From a Mobile Device?

Signing from the mobile is a reality that has been around for several years, but not all signatures are the same. That is why today we are going to explain what types of electronic signatures can be made from a mobile device and what are the main differences between them.

How to Sign a Document with Your Mobile

During the last years, we have talked about the advantages of the digital signature in the insurance, telecommunications, distribution and human resources sectors, among others. However, really how does it work? Do you need to have advanced knowledge to use it? We tell you how can digitally sign a document quickly and easily using the […]

Trends in mobility of 2018 and its evolution with respect to 2017: operating systems, browsers and search engines

Having already passed the year of 2018 and knowing the importance that mobility is gaining in the technology market; we analyzed the usage statistics and trends that have occurred in the first semester within operating systems, browsers and search engines.

5 aspects in which innovation in the signature and authentication processes help to grow your business

Digital transformation processes are responsible for optimizing business management. As you well know, this transformation process consists of different phases, being the processes digitalization one of the most important. Today we are going to tell you 5 examples of how innovation in the signature and authentication processes can help you grow your business.

Trends in 2017 mobility and its evolution in relation to 2016: operating systems, browsers and searchers

Each year that passes, mobility gains more weight and importance for technology users. Therefore, it is essential to closely monitor the progress of mobility trends in order to know the market and its needs. We started in 2018 doing this review.

Signature delegation and how it can benefit you

No one has the ability to be in several places at once or to take on all the responsibilities of a company. Luckily, we have the option of the signature delegation, which also takes advantage of the digital signature. What benefits can the signature delegation offer you? Why should you consider using it?

Pay with “pin”

In the first place, I would like you to take the image of Curro Jiménez or Fito and Fitipaldis out of your head. I do not talk about that type of sideburns precisely…

Centralized signature: the best ally for your business

Digital transformation is becoming more important due to advance technologies that allow a scenario where companies can optimize their processes and improve the user experience by digitizing many of their processes. The centralized signature, or cloud signature, is a clear example of this. We’ll tell you.

What’s New in DNI 3.0

From 2015, DNI 3.0 was introduced in Spain, which gradually is replacing the not so popular DNIe. Currently, both versions coexist, although the facilities offered by the new National Identity Document are predicted to be a better success, since now the advantages are palpable, especially for the business world.