There is almost no difference between checking your mail from the office or reading it while traveling by car. Digital communication constantly evolves and new media appears every day. PC’s became portable, then smartphones emerged, smartwatches, smart glasses, etc as well as concepts like responsive design, native application, tactile gestures, graphic authentication pattern, security token, mobile biometry, mobile office, health mobile, etc

Digital transformation strategy

Are you wondering if you should design a digital transformation strategy? Let us explain why and how Viafirma can help you

Biometric signature

Learn more about our biometric signature. Get to know all the advantages it can offer your company!

Mobile electronic signatures

Smartphones are great tools. But did you know that you can also close deals from your device with mobile electronic signatures? Here’s how to do it

What are biometrics? Definition and current trends

You have certainly heard of it, but do you really know what biometrics are? Together with the digital signature, it is something that gives rise to a truly secure and effective authentication method that improves user experience. If you are interested in finding out what biometrics are, uses and its main trends, read this article.

Trends in mobility and internet in 2019 and changes compared to 2018: operating systems, browsers and search engines

With the new year knocking on the door we give the answer to the following question: what’s the behaviour of internet users in relation to the main tools, such as browsers, search engines and operating systems?

How to sign a document electronically

Do you know how to sign a document electronically? In recent years, many technological solutions have emerged to help companies automate their agreement process. However, are technical skills required to use these kind of tools? Below we will show you how to validate your business agreements in a simple way using Viafirma.

Signature delegation and how it can benefit you

No one has the ability to be in several places at once or to take on all the responsibilities of a company. Luckily, we have the option of the signature delegation, which also takes advantage of the digital signature. What benefits can the signature delegation offer you? Why should you consider using it?

Centralized signature: the best ally for your business

Digital transformation is becoming more important due to advance technologies that allow a scenario where companies can optimize their processes and improve the user experience by digitizing many of their processes. The centralized signature, or cloud signature, is a clear example of this. We’ll tell you.

What’s New in DNI 3.0

From 2015, DNI 3.0 was introduced in Spain, which gradually is replacing the not so popular DNIe. Currently, both versions coexist, although the facilities offered by the new National Identity Document are predicted to be a better success, since now the advantages are palpable, especially for the business world.

Differences between Electronic Stamps (eStamps) and electronic signatures (ESignatures) in eIDAS

Digital transformation offers enormous advantages, but are also important challenges for both organizations and the user. Fortunately, we have tools that make things easier for us. Among others, electronic signatures and seals are key elements to achieve greater security and efficiency in the transactions carried out in the digital universe.

Mobility: Operating Systems and Browsers on Mobile Devices in the last six months

We are already in the final stretch of 2015, from Viafirma,  we wanted to use today’s post to review the trends of usage in the semester of browsers and operating systems on mobile devices. Here we go.