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Mobile World Congress 2012

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the most important international event in the field of mobile devices. Barcelona is being during these 4 days of the event, the meeting point of the handset manufacturers, mobile operators, equipment suppliers for mobile communications, application developers or service providers. Some of the big names attending the event are […]

Viafirma Manager (I) – Technical description

Thinking about the valuable information that can be obtained through the evaluation of statistics, as happens with tools like Google Analytics, which we all work normally, we decided to obtain statistical data for our authentication and electronic signature platform, Viafirma Platform. We found it interesting to know which browsers were using our tool the most, […]

Viafirma Mobile signature on Windows Phone

Viafirma is in luck, thanks to the the recent Siberian cold wave, reason why we have been forced to close ourselves in the office, we have expanded support for mobile devices on Windows Phone for version 7.5 or higher. The mobile client of  Viafirma Platform allows you to use your digital certificates installed on the […]

JBoss Seam: render an external xhtml


Electronic Signature in the cloud: success case

Success case from a Dominican Republic customer that uses the cloud services from Viafirma-Platform. Thanks to Viafirma-Manager, now is possible get interesting stats as follows. Devices MS Internet Explorer and their several versions are the most used browser in this case. img.01  – authentication and signature stats by browser Locale img.02  – authentication and signature […]

1 year with Viafirma Mobile

A year ago Viafirma Mobile was published at the most important apps markets: Apple Store and Android Market. For this reason, Viafirma and Viavansi team are celebrating this milestone, and we would like thank all people involved, who are still working for improving it every day. The Most Viewed Videos: Signing a document on a […]


Chuck Norris is now part of Redmine

Some colleagues at the office have just released a new “Chuck Norris” Redmine plugin in the official plugin repository of the platform. The plugin basically adds to the Overview tab a random Chuck Norris fact. You will find also a picture of Chuck, showing if he is happy or not, depending of how many issues you haven’t closed. And a screenshot of the result:

Civil Aviation integrates with Viafirma

IDAC (Dominican Institute Aviation Civil), and its systems like CASS (Civil Aviation Security System) and ECM Onbase, will integrate with Viafirma and their Electronic Signature services. All new services can be consumed aswell from any smartphone like iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry thanks to Viafirma Mobile Module in last version 3.


Update 3.0.2 Viafirma Platform

New release  3.0.2  for Viafirma Platform with the follow features: Server features update EHCACHE 2.3.1. support for Catalonia Certification Authority CATCert. support for Valencian Certification Authority ACCV. improvements in auditory methods. POST requests support for OpenID 2.0. including images into automated electronic signatures. new refresh method for nCipher HSM. Mobile Electronic Signature iOS 4.2 support for iPhone and iPad. […]


C++ native API for Viafirma

Althrough we already have support for .NET, Java and PHP, has been necessary to implement a native client for c++ for integration into an importan project of the banking sector. You can download it from: //************************ // Configuration //************************** std::string urlViafirma(“”); // create instance of Viafirma client (dont share between threads) viafirmaClient v(urlViafirma); // […]