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Viafirma and Venzia sign a partnership agreement by integrating the digital signature in the AQuA Suite

Venzia clients will be able to easily sign their documents in the ECM & BPM AQuA Suite, as a result of the collaboration agreement between Venzia and Viafirma.

Viafirma integrates with Zapier to streamline company workflows

Viafirma’s technology becomes part of the Zapier platform offer, simplifying integration with different software management systems, improving day-to-day activities of the companies. 

Viafirma present in Argontech digital signature webinar

Argontech, Viafirma’s Argentinean partner will be holding a webinar called ” Digital and electronic signatures are here to stay”. An event that will deal with the basics, benefits and uses of digital signatures and that will take place on September 16th. It is clear that electronic signatures have changed the way many companies work. Although […]

The role of digital signatures in SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

As part of the unification process at all levels resulting from the European project, SEPA has been a major step forward in establishing a borderless economy. Payment order mandates are key for the proper functioning of SEPA. Let us explain to you its main features and how electronic signatures play an important role here.

How to obtain a digital certificate for dealing with online operations?

Digital certificates have become very useful to prove our identity when dealing with certain operations. The advantage of being able to use them from home or anywhere else, together with their high level of security has made them very attractive to citizens. Many citizens will wonder how to get them. Let’s solve this issue together with […]

What does ‘compliance’ mean in the finance sector?

The term compliance is gaining strength in all types of companies, acting as a shield against serious legal problems, especially those that belong to the financial sector, which are more strictly regulated.

KYC: What is it and how does it evade financial frauds

“Know Your Customer” (KYC) is now a required procedure for banks that want to receive a new customer. This helps fight against criminal tax activities. To complete this procedure, electronic identification methods can be of great help, such as digital signatures.

Viafirma adds new features to its technology

Since Thursday, July 30th, Viafirma Inbox v3.4.0 is available for all users of the cloud platform.

Cybersecurity in Spanish SMEs

Undoubtedly, cybersecurity must be one of the main aspects companies must look after. It is important in any company, big or small, because the damage caused internally can be huge, especially in companies with limited resources, since malicious attacks could mean the end of the business. Therefore, today we take a look at the situation […]

Spain and the Dominican Republic: two countries digitally advanced, but with several differences

Societies are working hard to go digital, as evidenced by these two countries, divided by an ocean, but with similar digital goals. However, the situation in each country is very different and deserves to be assessed in detail.

Viafirma provides L’OCCITANE ESPAÑA SL. with digital signature services

The cosmetics company L’OCCITANE ESPAÑA SL starts in July to use Viafirma solutions for esigning labor contracts with their workers.

The legal validity of digital signatures in sworn translations

The expansion of companies beyond their borders requires extra care when writing texts in different languages, namely those of official nature. In these cases, the intervention of specialised professionals will be required, who can use the digital signature for their works, a tool which we will now go into more detail.

Business document management in 2020

Documentary control can be a challenge and a headache for department heads and company CEOs. To help them, alternatives such as document managers have emerged, describing its usefulness below, focusing on how the digital signature is a tool they must also count on to make the most of document managers.

8 uses of the digital signature in the real estate sector

The world of real estate has significantly evolved in recent years, changing from a traditional business to one that benefits from all the advantages that new technologies bring, as is the case with the adoption of the digital signature. How is it used by real estate agencies and their respective agents?

Viafirma and Athento sign a collaboration agreement to improve the productivity and efficiency of companies

Viafirma’s clients now have direct access to Athento, one of the most powerful document managers on the market, as a result of a collaboration agreement signed between both entities.