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Authentication and digital signature solutions in the Dominican companies of the Stock Market

More and more companies and institutions are becoming aware of the need to implement authentication and signature solutions in the digital environment. This is due to the guarantees they provide, their usability and the rigorousness of their processes, ensuring the legality of any procedure.

And this is the case of the Superintendencia de Valores de la República Dominicana (SIV) and Alpha Sociedad de Valores SA.

To implement these authentication and digital signature solutions, you need to have one that fits your needs and is supported by a trusted entity. And we are delighted that an increasing number of institutions are aware of the need to implement it and see the benefits once the digital transformation has taken place.

In the case of the Superintendencia de Valores de la República Dominicana (SIV) and Alpha Sociedad de Valores S A, they have placed their trust in Viafirma for the development of these solutions that contribute to the development of their digitalisation strategy. This, together with the case of other Dominican financial operators, such as Mercofact, is positioning the “viafirma fortress” solution as the best alternative for digital signatures with certificates, due to its usability and security.

Below you will find details of each of the projects:

Superintendencia de Valores de la República Dominicana (SIV)

In the case of SIV, they have decided to opt for our solution for electronic signature- Viafirma Inbox combined with Viafirma Fortress to provide maximum security to any transaction or management carried out through the platform.

On the other hand, a native App has been developed and is available for iOS and Android. As always, Viafirma is firmly committed to the development of its applications in their corresponding native systems. As they are designed directly for the software of each platform:

  • Its performance is optimised.
  • The user experience is improved as the user is in a familiar environment.
  • The guarantee of access to them through the markets of each system.

Alpha Sociedad de Valores S A

Alpha Sociedad de Valores was interested in digitising the processes of signing contracts and communications with its clients, as well as becoming an RA (Registration Authority). As in the case of the SIV, it has opted for a solution that combines viafirma inbox with fortress to provide that extra degree of security so necessary in the transactions of the National Securities Council.

The technical and legal requirements necessary for Alpha Sociedad de Valores to become a Registration Authority and issue certificates for its clients, under the authority of the Certification Authority – Avansi, our subsidiary in the Dominican Republic – have been fulfilled.

The Registration Authority is defined as an entity in charge of uniquely identifying the person – natural or legal – requesting a certificate. Subsequently, this data is sent to the Certification Authority. The advantages as a company of being a Registration Authority are very broad, since it allows the company to register its clients without the need for a third party. Simplifying processing and increasing control over client management.

As in the case of the SIV, a native App has also been developed and is available in the iOS and Android markets, in order to facilitate mobility for its customers and employees.

But what are the benefits of implementing authentication and digital signature solutions?

We tell you about it by referring to Viafirma Fortress solution. This solution from our product catalogue is responsible for safeguarding centralised keys and signatures with strong authentication.

In other words, it allows you to sign with a digital certificate from any device without the need to have the certificate on the device with which you want to sign. This is what is known as a centralised signature or cloud signature.

One feature is that it is accessed through robust identification, which requires at least two identification procedures:

  • Something “known to the user” (e.g. a password)
  • Something “held by the user” (e.g. a key card, token received via SMS on your mobile phone, or OTP token generated in your mobile app registered in your name).
  • Something that “does or is the user” (signature, voice, fingerprint, iris and other biometric factors).

In this way, the certificate is never physically in the hands of the owner, but rather the owner accesses it when required. Authenticating in a robust way, without the need to install any certificate or software on the device from which the transaction is carried out.

In addition to the high level of security and the guarantees it offers, many entities and companies choose to integrate viafirma fortress with other mobility and signature solutions because of the added value they provide to their customers.

The benefits to companies and institutions can therefore be grouped into the following points:

  • It is universal. That is, it can be used from any device (mobile, tablet, etc.) and any operating system (iOS, Android, Windows). Moreover, it can be done from any place and country. The only requirement is Internet access.
  • It is very intuitive. It is accessible to everyone.
  • Lower CTO. It saves time, costs and resources needed for other signature procedures. On the other hand, the absence of paper represents an environmental advance.
  • Increased security. The certificate is accessed via strong two-factor authentication, whereby only the certificate owner can access and sign with the certificate.
  • It is independent. Whatever technology you use. Compatibility with your company’s e-Business solutions and easy integration.

Signing any document or authentication becomes easy, convenient and fast. In viafirma the “fortress signature” is available in all its suite, but it is also possible to integrate it with any e-Business application of our clients.


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