Create a new signature request

We explain how to create a signature solitude in four easy steps

1. Documents to be signed

  • You can upload one or several documents from your computer.
  • Accepted formats are PDF, DOCX and ODT.
  • Make use of a previously created template.
  • Upload the documents from your Google Drive account.

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2. Signers

The tool allows you to define several signatories, with or without order. And different signature modalities for each of them: remotely, in person or in mobile app.


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3. Fields

In the fields section we will define what action each signer will perform: handwritten signature, with digital certificate, with code by phone and email or request an image, check a check or some data by means of a text box, etc. All these options can be combined with each other.

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4. Summary

In this last step, in addition to having a summary of what has been configured in the request, we can define the title, notification message and other types of configurations such as reminders or mandatory reading.



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