Fields – Actions to be carried out by the signatory

In this step we will define what actions each signatory will perform in each document. The existing fields are the following:

Handwritten signature

The handwritten signature as its name suggests is the drawing of the traditional signature on paper but in digital format.  Note that depending on the data collected in this type of signature implies that the signature is simple or advanced.

If the digitization process is a simple scan of the user’s handwritten signature on paper and its subsequent insertion in the document, or a document signed on paper is completely scanned, it is a digitalized signature, very easily falsifiable. It’s the lowest level of security. Some legal frameworks, like the European one, don’t even consider it as an electronic signature.

If the operation is performed on a graphic tablet or touch screen like that of a mobile device, but only the stroke is captured (the usual signature with the finger when picking up a package, for example), we are talking about a simple electronic signature, The European eIDAS regulation as a legal signature, but with weak evidentiary capacity.

But if the signature is made on a graphic tablet capturing and storing more than one biometric data (stroke, speed, pressure), then sufficient security is guaranteed and considered an advanced electronic signature.

Signature with digital certificate

The digital certificate is an electronic file issued by a Trusted Service Provider or Certification Authority that links and identifies a person in an unequivocal manner and allows you to perform procedures online.

Viafirma allows you to sign with any Qualified Service Provider in Europe and most Certification Authorities in Latin America.

Phone code

Viafirma uses an OTP (One Time Password) code sent by phone that allows the signature of the sent documentation. The system uses the hash summary of each page of the document to subsequently obtain a random code based on it. The system stores the code that it will send to the user’s mobile device and the hash positions that it has used (which are random).

Therefore, a link can be made between the content of the document and the calculated OTP and, subsequently, a validation of the signed document. It is statistically impossible for two different documents to give the same short code with the same hash calculation positions. In this way, the OTP SMS can link the content to be signed with the signing operation.

Code by email

The signature by code by email is based on a single-use code (one-time-password), generated from the hash of the document to be signed, and sent to the signer’s email through an email. The verification code generated by Viafirma corresponds to a random algorithm for which the content of the document to be signed (hash) is used, being able to demonstrate that said OTP code corresponds to a specific document and not to another.


Viafirma allows to use the camera of the mobile device that is being used in the signing process for the incorporation of any image that provides probative value, for example, photos of delivered goods, Damaged products, etc. It can also be used for capturing photos of identification documents, such as ID, passports, ID cards, etc. It supports use policy for photos of people, activating the recognition of people, and not allowing to complete the process if the captured photo does not correspond to the face of a person.

It can also be used to incorporate an image from any repository (gallery, image files on PC)


This functionality allows the incorporation of mandatory clauses and/or explicit acceptance through advanced checks. They will be useful for capturing the user’s voluntary authorisations by highlighting clauses, critical conditions or of particular importance that the signatory will be able to read on screen during the signing process. This functionality complies, for example, with standards such as GDPR, which eliminate tacit consent.


This option allows you to add a predefined date to the document or to be chosen by the signer. It works similar to text boxes.

Text field

This field will allow us to write a text field on the pdf document.


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