Evidence Check

This functionality allows the incorporation of mandatory clauses and/or explicit acceptance through advanced checks. They will be useful for capturing the user’s voluntary authorisations by highlighting clauses, critical conditions or of particular importance that the signatory will be able to read on screen during the signing process. This functionality complies, for example, with standards such as GDPR, which eliminate tacit consent.

Configuration from the drafting of requests

In step three of the drafting of requests we can include a checkbox and customize the texts: Incluir una evidencia de tipo check   Check Details

Configuring evidence from the management panel in templates


Display on the signature page

Example of how the signatory during the signing process would be shown capturing this type of evidence:

Display in the signed document

Once the check has been accepted, the result will be the following. Document showing the evidence:
  Data collected during the process and that can be seen from the document itself if in the evidence we activate the option “Add public link about the evidence”:
This data will be available at all times from the platform. For more information on the possibilities in advanced check settings, please visit the Advanced Acceptance (Checks) page If you have any questions about the use of this information contact us directly.


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